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Stone Cold Killer

Episode 502 features the return of Stone Cold Killer to the Pennsylvania Rock Show. We discuss all things SCK including the new single, Programmed for Love and Destruction, and the Single release party on February 15, 2020.

Interview Segment 1 with Stone Cold Killer

  • If you could pick an album that you absolutely love and erase it from your memory so that you could listen to it for the very first time, again.. what album would you pick?
  • Imagine that there is a fire that destroys all music except for one song from every band. Which SCK song do you think should survive the history of the world?
  • SCK makes it big and they make a movie about you, who plays you?
  • If you can go back into time without harming the space-time continuum, and you spend a year following one band to make Stone Cold Killer better, which band do you follow and why? Also, how do you get your 1.21 Gigawatts to return to 2020?
  • If you could find that bench that everyone asks if you could sit on it for an hour and talk to anyone, which musician would you sit with and what would you ask them about?
  • How do you go about writing while you are polar opposites?
  • Tell us about the song, Programmed for Love and Destruction…

Interview Segment 2 with Curtis and Nate

  • Did you try balancing your broom, like everyone else on Facebook?
  • Tell me about your Single Release party on 2/15/2020.
  • How can my listeners find your online and get a copy of your music?
  • Did you hear about DVE’s Power Ballad contest?

Dematus PARS501

Dematus make their debut on episode 501 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Dematus is a three piece melodic metal band hailing originally from Rolla, Missouri, they now call the stages of Pittsburgh home. It has been said that the band could best be described as Evanescence and System of a Down’s illegitimate child.

  • Where did the name Dematus come from?
  • Who is your favorite superhero? or super villain?
  • If I find Dematus in my social studies book, what would that page be about
  • If Dematus had a movie made about them, who would play each of you in the movie?
  • If you were in Almost Famous, which band would you want write about for your first article?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would you open for and at what venue?
  • What has been your favorite venue that you’ve played at? least favorite?
  • You come upon that magical bench where you can sit with someone for a hour, what musician would you sit with and what would you talk about?
  • Tell me a little bit about your song With You, that we’ll play tonight.

Interview Segment 2 with DEMATUS

  • If you could pick 1 album and erase it from your mind so that you could hear it again for the first time, which album would it be?
  • You decide that you’re going to add another musician to Dematus, who would it be?
  • When you’re on stage and you have that moment where you’ve messed up… tell me about a moment where you did something that embarrassed the rest of the band.
  • If you had to put together a band to manage using people in your scene, who would you put together and what style of music would they play?
  • If I played Dematus backwards, what would I hear?
  • Where can my listeners find you online (HINT: click the links on this page), and where will you be playing?
  • Who records your videos for you?

Salina Solomon

Salina Solomon

Photo Credit: Kira Hooks

Salina Solomon tries her hand at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 026!

  • How has your time spent in Long Island, London, and Nashville affected your songwriting?
  • If you could join any musician on stage to perform, who would you want to join and what song would you do?
  • What is your favorite time signature to play in? Asked by Dwayne of Big Ugly on Episode 025.

The Song: Let Go

Let go is a song that I wrote while literally staring at someone after an open mic. I noticed that 2 of my guy friends were fighting over me, and it was kind of weird. It is about allowing things happen the way they are supposed to and not getting caught up in moments. A lot of the time I get caught up emotional issues and emotional what ifs.

The Bio

Band Location: Nashville, TN
Band Genre: Indie Pop, Pop Rock, Singer/Songwriter
With a Grammy consideration for Best Blues Album under her belt for “Don’t Lead Me On” on Travis Bowlin’s “Secundus”, opening for artists like Sublime at a 5,000 person venue, and more than 5,000 song credits to her name, Salina Solomon has established herself as a skillful songwriter and an entertaining storyteller. Her latest release, five-song EP 20/20 is a pop-laced flight of euphoria, bluntness and heartbreak, with a sound that can be described as Florence and the Machine meets Lady Gaga. The project’s broad style spectrum strongly highlights Salina’s range and various influences, and offers listeners an emotional experience that will make them want to jump around and dance, then fall to their knees and cry. On stage, Salina ignites the crowd with her energetic and quirky personality, while showcasing her powerhouse vocals and impressive guitar skills. Her talent and growing fanbase are taking her to venues across the country, where she performs to sold-out crowds. Since early 2015, she has played more than one hundred shows across the country, at locations ranging from the waterfronts of Texas to New York City’s Carnegie Hall, and even Nashville’s famous Listening Room.

Off stage, Salina lends her time to charities that support education, military veterans, and the community at large. Salina recently partnered with Magnet Schools of America to create high school scholarship funds in the memory of her grandmother. She was able to give (3) scholarships in April 2019. Currently, Salina is hosting a House Concert series called “What Is?!?!”, where she invites the local community to her home on a quarterly basis that focuses on a topic of interest through discussion and music. Examples are “What is Community?” and “What is Education?”

Find Salina Solomon online

Illusions of Grandeur PARS500

Maggie and CM of Illusions of Grandeur came on the show to discuss their band and adventures with Bill for Episode 500 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Segment 1 with Maggie and CM

  • Was there any particular venue that you loved in Europe? Tree planting?
  • Where did the band name come from?
  • If you were able to tour with any internationally touring band, who would you tour with and where would you open the tour?
  • We played a quick game of “Either Or”
  • Each of the original KISS members have a story behind their make up, is there a story behind your make up?
  • We talked about Reign of Z, Dethlehem, & September Mourning
  • If you could take an album and erase it from your memory and hear it for the first time again, what album would it be?
  • If an apocalyptic event happens, which one of your songs should survive?
  • If you could sit on a bench for an hour and talk to any musician that has ever been alive, who and why?

Segment 2 with Illusions of Grandeur

  • If I was flipping through my social studies book and find you, what would that page be about?
  • Can you tell me about the moment that you knew that you wanted to be in a band?
  • If we were to play your music backwards, what would we hear?
  • What band would you like to go back in time and watch for a year to learn from?
  • What band would you want your first assignment to be when writing for Rolling Stone?
  • If you were going to make the jump from a tribute band to the real band like Rock Star, which band would you end up in?
  • In between tour stops, what are we listening to?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment that the other person had on stage?
  • What is next for Illusions of Grandeur?

Doug Carnahan PARS499

Doug Carnahan Joins Bill to chat on episode 499 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. It had been about 9 months since he was on episode 009 of 3 Questions and a Song. He and Bill discussed their song The Fight on that Episode. You’ll hear about the song, New S.A. on tonight’s episode among other topics.

Segment 1 with Doug Carnahan of After the Fall

  • I’ve noticed a ton of acoustic shows schedule for you lately on facebook. What has brought that about?
  • If you could sit on a bench for a hour with any musician in history, who would you sit with and what would you discuss?
  • If I found you in a social studies book, what would that page be about?
  • If you could follow any band around for a year, without breaking the space-time continuum, who would you want to tag along with?
  • After the Fall has taken quite a few trips as a band, what was your favorite one?
  • We’re going to play New S.A. what can you tell us about it without delving too far into the lyrics? The listeners can learn about the lyrics at First Angel Media’s A Look at the Lyrics Segment.

Segment 2 with Doug

  • If you could pick one album and erase it from your memory so that you can experience it for the first time, again, which one would you choose?
  • Who is the best American Rock band in the US.. ever?
  • If you were going to live out the movie, Rock Star, which band would you have a tribute for and then join as the front man?
  • Where can people hear you acoustically and with After the Fall coming up?

Brady Novotny PARS498

Brady Novotny makes his debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for Episode 498! Bill last talked to him on an early episode of 3 Questions and a Song, about a year ago?

Segment 1 with BRADY NOVOTNY

  • What are your favorite things that you’ve done in the year between interviews with me?
  • Bill gives Brady a homework assignment.
  • If you could sit on a bench with any musician and ask them anything who would you sit with, and what would you ask them?
  • What band would you like to follow around for a year?
  • Where can the listeners find you online?
  • Tell us about your wife’s podcast…
  • If you were going to build a band of local musicians to manage, who would be in the band, and why?
  • What one person would you say has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Tell us about your song, Ancient Romance…

Segment 2 with BRADY

  • What is something people would be shocked to find about you?
  • Who is your favorite superhero?
  • Brady decides to host his first segment on the Pennsylvania Rock Show…
  • If you could play with any internationally touring band, who would you want to play with and where?
  • If I’m flipping through my social studies book in a few years and come across a page with Brady Novotny on it, what would that page be about?
  • What upcoming shows would you like to mention?

Big Ugly 3QS025

Big Ugly battles with 3 Questions & a Song on episode 025!

  • Ozzy Osbourne has been doing a lot of collaborating recently, including some artists that you wouldn’t expect. Which non-metal artist would Big Ugly want to collaborate with?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event and most of the human race and a handful of people have to repopulate the Earth, which Big Ugly song should they listen to?
  • What is your why for your music, and what motivates you to created music.. on the deepest level? asked by Matt Westin in Episode 024

The Song: 4 Walls and an Empty Bed

The song is about overcoming addiction and depression.

The Band

Band Location: Akron, OH
Band Genre:  Metal
We started in 2015 in a garage and after 2 years recorded our first record. We have since released our newest record titled “Forgotten” in December of 2019. We had the fortune of playing with such acts as Jinger, Narcotic Wasteland, Hed P.E., and many others. We are currently signed to Misanthropik Records and have  plans to play as many shows as possible in 2020.
Anthony Gonzalez – Vocals
Mike Nemes – Lead guitar
Eric Hatten – Rhythm guitar
Sean Renshaw – Bass guitar
Dwayne Gupton – Drums


570 Press PARS497

Alonna Weaver (Eyes of the World and 570 Press) sits down with Bill to discuss the 570 scene and her band.

Segment 1 with 570 Press

  • Why is your Web ‘Zine called 570 Press? What would you call what you do?
  • Tell me a little bit more about the area that you support, what is it about that area that has you wanting to support the music scene?
  • What are some bands that we should check out?
  • If you were going to create a band from the local scene to manage, who would be in your band?
  • If you could sit on a bench for a hour and discuss music with any musician, who would it be and what would you discuss?
  • If you could pick one album to erase from your memory and hear it for the first time again, which album would you choose?
  • What is something about the 570 scene that you love and one thing you want to change about it?
  • Where did you go to college?
  • How did your affiliation with DI Records come about?

Segment 2 with Alonna

  • If you were given an “Almost Famous” assignment, which band would you want to follow and write about for a magazine?
  • What is something that someone in the music scene would be surprised to learn about you?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment that you or a bandmate had on stage?
  • If a band from my side off the state came to your side of the state, what venues should they play?
  • Tell me about the moment that you realized that you wanted to be in a band.
  • There’s a catastrophic event that wipes out almost all the humans on earth, which 2 bands from the 570 area code should survive?
  • If you had to pick your favorite music website, what would it be?

Standard Broadcast PARS496

Standard Broadcast‘s Nathan Jay joins Bill to have a conversation about the band on episode 496!

Segment 1 with Standard Broadcast

  • What is the story behind the name Standard Broadcast?
  • DI Records? How did you join? What do
  • What would be in the history books about Standard Broadcast?
  • What would the soundtrack of our travels between shows on a tour with you should like?
  • Who would you put in a band from the local scene that you would be managing?
  • If you could do that thing and sit on a bench with a musician that has passed away, who would you talk to and what would you ask them about?
  • Best current rock band? Best US rock band?
  • What is a song that automatically brings back a memory or emotion to you?
  • You’re donating 100% of the money brought in by the track, Here We Go Again, to the March For Our Lives, can you tell us a bit about them and why this is an important cause to the band?

Segment 2 with Nathan Jay

  • You guys run the Indie Rockfest, what can you tell me about that show? 4/11/20 at Spirit Hall.
  • What is something you absolutely love about the PGH scene? Something you hate and want to change?
  • What would we hear if we played one of your songs backwards?
  • What shows do you have coming up?
  • Where can your music be found?

Matt Westin 3QS024

Matt Westin takes on 3 Questions & a Song on episode 024!

  • What is it about country music that drew you away from engineering and to the stage?
  • If you could go back in time and follow a musician around for 1 year and not change history, who would you follow and what would you like to learn from them?
  • What instrument do you use to write with.. and do you write the music or the lyrics first asked by Richard Leko of Broomfiller on episode 023

The Song: Hey Bro

Hey bro is a rockin country song that celebrates the bond between brothers from another mother, as they say. This song means more to me now then it did originally, because my cousin was almost killed in a terrible accident and he barely survived. When I saw his reaction to this song, it really hit me hard on how important it is to be there for each other and have each other’s backs through thick and thin. This song and the lyric video on YouTube celebrate this bond, whether it’s between friends, or soldiers, or 1st responders, or whatever it may be.

The Band

Band Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Band Genre:  Country
After leaving a career in engineering to follow my passions, I ultimately decided to pursue music professionally to honor my father’s memory who passed away in 2016. He loved my singing and encouraged me to continue to pursue it. I dedicated my debut album Legacy to him. Music was a huge part of my healing process and has now become a new purpose for me in my life.