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Corners of Sanctuary PARS495

Mick Michaels of Corners of Sanctuary of Philadelphia joins Bill for episode 495. Their song “Hold on to Christmas” is featured on the episode.

Segment 1 with Corners of Sanctuary

  • Where did your band name come from?
  • Where was the video for “Hail, Hail” recorded at? It looks to be the perfect background for that song.
  • I see that you’re endorsed by maybe 20 different companies, do you want to throw any of those out there?
  • How as an unsigned/small label band do you get to the point that your touring and getting airplay in places like Europe and Australia?
  • If I was to tag along on your UK tour, what would the soundtrack for the tour be in between show dates?
  • What is the best KISS album?
  • If you could back to any year and follow any band around without changing history, which band would you follow and why?
  • If you could sit on a bench and speak to any musician throughout time, who would you want to speak to, and what would you ask them about?
  • If you could take an album that you absolutely love and erase it from your memory so that you can get that wow factor while hearing it again, what album would you pick?
  • How did the song “Hold on to Christmas” come about?

Segment 2 with Mick Michaels

  • If there is an apocalyptic event that wipes out almost all of humanity and all but 1 song from every band in history, which of your songs should survive?
  • When did you realize that you wanted to play guitar in a metal band?
  • Is there a venue that you haven’t played yet, that you really want to perform in?
  • What is something that you fans would be surprised to find out about you?
  • Who would you say has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Can you tell us about an embarrassing moment that has happened on stage?
  • How can my listeners get a copy of your music? (Get a copy of Hold on to Christmas for free through Jan 6, 2020)
  • What shows are coming up for Corners of Sanctuary?
  • If I played your music backwards, what would I hear?


BROOMFILLERRichard Leko of Broomfiller takes his turn at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 023!

  • If you could erase any album from your memory and listen to it again for the very first time, which album would you want to do that with?
  • Can you tell me about the moment that you knew you wanted to be a musician?
  • Where did you get the name BROOMFILLER? asked by Norman LaStrange of Blödhren in episode 022.
  • BONUS Question: Have you ever written a 7/8th grade Social Studies textbook?

The Song: How Long, So Long The song

It is about the trials and tribulations of loving someone close to you, who is on the decline.

The Band

Band Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Genre:  Melodic punk rock
BROOMFILLER is Toronto, Canada’s answer to melodic punk rock. Blending melodic vocals, bass lines and rhythmic drumming with a very energetic live show, enables them to easily stand out. “The album kicks some serious ASS !! Full of great hooks and riffs!!” Trikeman69, Trike’s Trax BROOMFILLER began as a one-man band in Richard D. Leko’s parent’s basement, recording demos on his 4 track cassette recorder, while singing and playing all the instruments. “BROOMFILLER is proving that guitar driven Punk Rock is still alive and well” Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews After moving to Toronto, 3 albums were released: Watching the girls go bi (2002), Enter the Storm (2006), Third Stage Propellor Index (2015) with several Canadian & USA Tours in support of them. “damn easy to listen to…very tuneful and as catchy…” Mosh, The Moshville Times Compared to Foo Fighters holding hands with Millencolin and Bracket, while sitting on a park bench built by Jawbox & Husker Du, while eating a sandwich prepared by Bad Religion and washing it all down with a stiff drink mixed by Face to Face. “It’s tricky finding a balance between punk and musical, and BROOMFILLER does it well.” Bob Mersereau, The Top 100 Canadian Singles Recently awarded the FACTOR Demo Grant, BROOMFILLER recorded 3 songs which helped begin pre-production on new music for a new album possibly later this year. Watch for many more music videos and show & tour announcements coming soon near you!!!

The Shadow Event

Episode 494 features Christina from The Shadow Event: Some post punk, new wave, groove trip for ya. We’ll take you for a ride with every different song. Powerful, fun, eerie, sexy and cute, The Shadow Event is fronted by Christina Santavicca. She creeps and crawls and is in your face with her stage presence, vocals and keys. Sick guitar work ambushes on in with the makings from Mark DiBello. Followed by the backline, Dave Burek has tasty bass lines and Mike Matjasko bringing in flavorful drums. Originating in the summer of 2016, The Shadow Event is still evolving, but the sound so far will be sure to entice your musical realm. A flavor for all.

Segment 1 with Christina from the Shadow Event

  • Where did the name The Shadow Event come from?
  • How would you describe the sound of your music?
  • If you were on tour, and I was tagging along with you, what music would we listen to in between show dates?
  • If I played one of your songs backwards, what would I hear?
  • If you could go back to any year and follow a musician around for a year who would you follow and why?
  • If you could sit down on a bench and talk to any who is in the music field, who would you talk to? About what?
  • You can pick 1 album to erase from your memory and hear it for the first time again, what album would it be?

Segment 2 with Christina

  • Worst 90s bands?
  • If you were going to build a band to manage from people in the music scene, who would you put in your band?
  • Can you introduce the rest of the band?
  • What is something that you absolutely love about the music scene and something you wish you could change about it?
  • I see you’re playing KISSBurgh 2 on January 25th, what songs are you covering?
  • Where can my listeners get a copy of your music?
  • Can you tell me about the point in your life where you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Skarlett Sky PARS493

Episode 493 features first time Co-host Suzanne DeCree, who helps Bill through this episode because he wasn’t feeling well. They interview the band Skarlett Sky. This episode features local/unsigned original Christmas Music.

Skarlett Sky Interview Segment 1

  • Where did the name come from?
  • If there were a fire that destroyed all of your music except for one song, which song would you want to survive?
  • How did you guys get together?
  • If there was one thing that you could tell your potential fans, what would it be?
  • Who has supported you the most?
  • Are either of you in other bands currently, or what other bands have you been in?
  • What would a section in a social studies book that features Skarlett Sky be about?
  • If you could follow one band around for a year who would you follow?
  • If you could back in your own careers, would there be anything that you would change?

Skarlett Sky Interview Segment 2

  • Nick, is Musick your real last name, or is it a stage name? Do you feel like it is destiny?
  • 20 worst 90s bands.. and go…. favorite 90s bands?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would it be and where would you want to play?
  • If you could go back in time and go to any scene, IE Sunset Strip, where would you go?
  • What do you like about the local scene and what would you like to change about it?
  • Where can people find you online?
  • What are you plans for selling your music?
  • If you were in a tribute band, and the band you were paying tribute to called you to try out, which band would you want to tryout for?
  • Where do you love to play in the city, where do you not love to play in the city?
  • Where are you playing this weekend?
  • Tell us about an embarrassing moment for someone that you played with.
  • What would I hear, if I played your music backwards?

Blödhren 3QS022

BlödhrenNorman Stethalacopalus LaStrange of Blödhren takes a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 022!

  • What draws you to the stage and why metal?
  • What is one thing that you love about the Roanoke music scene and what is one thing that you hate that you would change?
  • When you go see a band live, what do you expect? Are you listening to the lyrics, the music? What about them makes you want to see them live? asked by Stringg Harris in Episode 021
  • also get some stage presence advice and find out where the name Blödhren came from?

About the Song: No Weakness

It is about how easy it is to do wrong. How we are constantly plagued with choices and it is always so much more tempting to pick the easy, less morally comfortable option.

About Blödhren

Genre: thrash / groove metal
City: Roanoke, VA

Four piece metal band from Roanoke, Va. We play fast, hit hard, and always have a good time doing it. It’s not often that the planets align in a way to allow a band to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. In the case of Roanoke, VA natives Blödhren though, the universe has definitely been in their favor.

From October 2016 to January 2017, founding member and guitarist Ox forged the band from the ground up. With a steadfast vision, Ox set out to create metal that not only gave honor to bands such as Pantera and Slayer but also pushed the roots of metal forward into territories occupied by acts likened to Gojira and Lamb of God.

First recruiting vocalist Norman LaStrange (Survival of the Sickest) and drummer Stephen Boothe (Rezult) in October 2016, the three started hammering out material in the months following. The band then brought in bassist Allen Christian (Sophie’s Scar, Metallic Division, Black Rose Mourning) to complete their sound.

Black and Gold Christmas PARS492

For Episode 492 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show we decided to ask people involved in the scene about what they are thankful for in the scene. You’ll also hear from Chip and Maleena Dimonick and Brian from from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank about the song, Black and Gold Christmas.
Thanksgiving call ins: Adam Fitz, Brady Novotny, Clarks Call (Leprosy), Clayton Logan (Iron Sight), Coleen and Johnathan (Strobe Lighting and Sound), Dakota (Devil Inside Records), Jessica (Dematus), Eddy Mann, Steve Kaczynski (Iron Sight), Jana Lee Macheca (First Angel Media), John Lane (The Hellfire Club), Lily Sixx (Rock Rage Radio), Suzanne (First Angel Media), Jackie (AmberAlexis), Kelly (Tapestry Music Podcast), John Lane IV (Three Vultures), Mike Davis (Negan), Zosia (Reign of Z), John Vento (Nied’s Hotel Band), Steve Hawk, J Roger Davis, Mark (Rat Rod), Randy (Feast on the Fallen), and Bill

Mr. Lisp PARS491

Mr. Lisp, a Punk Rock band from Philadelphia, joins Bill on Episode 491 to discuss the band, their music, and the Philadelphia Music Scene.

Segment 1 with Mr. Lisp

  • Where did the name Mr. Lisp come from?
  • If I were to go on tour with you, what music would we listen to between stops?
  • Let’s talk about the movie Rock Star, you’ve been tapped to replace the lead singer of a successful band after have been in a tribute band, which band would I see you front?
  • Sticking with the movie theme, 10 years from now, they decide to make a movie about Mr. Lisp and their rise to stardom. Who would play you in the biopic?
  • Last movie related question, like the movie Almost Famous, a writer has been assigned to accompany you on tour. What would be written about Mr. Lisp after the tour ended?
  • If one of the bands from the scene here in the Pittsburgh scene wants to come to the Philadelphia scene to play a show, which venues should they check out and why?
  • What is the one best thing about the scene in Philadelphia and the one worst thing that you wished you could change?
  • You can pick 1 album that you’ve already heard to erase the memories of having heard it, and go back to listen to it like it’s the first time again. What would it be?
  • Tell me about your song, Birch Boys.

Segment 2 with Mr. Lisp

  • If you were going to create a supergroup from your scene to manage, who would be in it and why?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment you had on stage, or one that your band mates may have had.
  • Who would you say has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Can you tell me about the moment that you decided you were going to play music?
  • What is something that your fans would be shocked to find out about you?
  • Where can my listeners get a copy of your music, and find you online?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event and all of your music except for one song was destroyed, which song would you want to survive and help “recreate” the human race?
  • Do you have any upcoming shows that you’d like to promote?

Black and Gold Christmas

Black and Gold ChristmasI recently had a chance to sit down and interview Chip and Maleena Dominick from Chip and the Charge Ups, as well as, Brian Gulish the Vice President, Marketing & Communications for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We talked about the new collaboration by Chip and the Charge Ups and local vocalists: Liz Berlin (of triple-platinum recording artist, Rusted Root), Doug Carnahan (of After The Fall, voted “Best Rock Band” in the Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards for the past five years), Jen Craven (of emerging metal band, A Common Crown), and powerhouse gospel vocalist, Char Fields. Black and Gold Christmas. Don’t forget to purchase the track and the shirt! The sell of the accompanying T-Shirt is being donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. In the interview you’ll learn about the making of the song, how to make donations to the food bank, and volunteer at the foodbank. You can listen to the interview (above), watch the official video, and read Patrick McElravy’s review below:


The Review

It’s the middle of November in the City of Steel. We just had our first decent snowfall, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas is not so far off. It’s football season which means the black and yellow terrible towels are waving frantically throughout the city of Pittsburgh as people huddle up in front of the television or pile into Heinz Field for the Steelers. Stores everywhere already have good old Saint Nick up on display everywhere and Butterball Turkeys are flying off the grocery store shelves as fast as the stock boy can load them. It’s official, people, we have entered the holiday season… of the craziest, most stressful, fun, and most meaningful times of the year.

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, this time of year is a time of giving, gathering, and celebration. It seems as though Pittsburgh power pop band Chip and the Charge Ups are already way ahead of the game with their new holiday anthem “Black and Gold Christmas”. The seed for the project was planted ironically in the blistering summer heat of July. Singer/songwriter Chip Dominick and company would set out to write a Christmas-themed song portraying various landmarks and traditions about the city they love and hold so dear. Once the band had the general structure of the song mapped out they took things a step further: Recruiting various rock vocalists from the surrounding Pittsburgh area (After the Fall and A Common Crown to name a few). With a task as big as writing a strictly Pittsburgh-themed holiday song while collaborating with various vocalists, how would the end results turn out?

“Black and Gold Christmas” definitely hits in all the right places and some. The band do an excellent of creating a fantastic backdrop with melodic gusto and punch for the various singers to showcase what they each bring to the table. The first half of the “Yinzer” track allows for everyone to show their individuality, taking turns showing their prowess, but it isn’t until the back half of the song where we really see the magic really happen. After a short bridge, Chip acts a conductor bringing everybody back in for the grand finale. Everyone works together to display some impressive harmony work to build the ambiance. One of the most definitive qualities of “Black and Gold Christmas” is that it is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Everyone is there and having fun and hanging out to make this holiday-laden tribute to the city of Pittsburgh.

Chip and the Charge Ups certainly have quite the product on their hands. “Black and Gold Christmas” serves as a fun track that I can see being adopted into Pittsburgh culture with its powerful performances and excellent songwriting. A noteworthy mention is Chip and the Charge Ups have partnered up with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank for the track’s release. “Black and Gold Christmas” is now available on all digital platforms with all profits from the T-shirts being donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. So bust out your Christmas wreaths and terrible towels and go download “Black and Gold Christmas” today to rock out and help a great organization within the Pittsburgh community!

Stone Wicked Souls 3QS021

Stone Wicked SoulsString Harris of Stone Wicked Souls takes a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 021!

  • If you were talking to a potential fan, what would you tell them about your band?
  • If you had the opportunity to record a track with a legendary musician as a guest, who would you bring in to sit in with you?
  • BONUS QUESTION: I think we might have a mutual friend in Matt Ferrante?
  • How did you come up with that name? It’s a cool name. I’ve seen a lot of band names, but I want to know how that name came about for that band. – asked by Miss Freddye in Episode 021

About the Song: Glass Houses

This song is about the hypocrisy in our social circles by placing judgment on human beings for simply sinning different than the herd.

A song that’s very personal to me, one that I actually had to pay a couple hundred dollars to argue with my engineer and at that time label owner over the best direction for the song.

About Stone Wicked Souls

Genre: Hard rock / stoner metal
City: Flushing, OH

Stone Wicked Souls is the crown of thorns placed upon the God of Rocks brow. With its influences consisting of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Corrosion of Conformity, and Black Sabbath; its no wonder this band finds a way to defy all labels and secure itself in its own brand of uniqueness. Harnessing the spirits of their predecessors, this band definitely delivers itself in unapologetic power! Their live shows clearly communicate their effective musicianship and stage presence , solidifying their sovereignty , as the Ohio Valley’s best hard rock group.

In 2017 , courtesy of Supermonkey Recording Company, Stone Wicked Souls released its fourth EP ” Hollow”. Overindulgent and decadent, this collections of songs is a sonic sucker punch of guitar driven tranquility. Fan favorites like “dance of the dead” and “hollow”, show off this bands crowd inclusive arrangements, giving you the feeling of being apart of the show, as you sit back and soak it up through your headphones.

The thing that sets this group apart from most bands is their vocal driven melodies supercharged by a thick, bluesy, riff heavy rhythm section that can quench the thirst of heavy music fans of all genres. If you are looking for a memorable live experience, get out and attend a SWS show near you! Bryan Blake, Joe Conter, and Chris “String” Harris definitely find a way to create a melting pot from their influences and deliver exceptionally interesting classic/grunge infused grooves unlike any other group of musicians from their community.

In 2019, SWS released “drag of a ride”, produced and released by the band on their own label, Heathen Army Recording co.

Their first single ” Crown of Thorns” delivers a power punch of attitude and proves yet again, stone wicked souls cannot be defeated.

Skies of Terra PARS490

Skies of TerraSkies of Terra join Bill on episode 490 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They are a Experimental/Jazz Fusion/Down tempo/Progressive rock/Post-rock band out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Segment 1 with Skies of Terra

  • How is your genre list so long? Jazz Fusion?!?
  • Where did the name come from?
  • If there was an apocalyptic event and only one Skies of Terra song can survive to help repopulate the Earth, which song should make it through?
  • If I were to play one of your tracks backwards, what would I hear?
  • If you could go back in time and follow any band around for a year to get some tips and tricks to follow around, who would you follow?
  • If your future self would call you and want to talk to you about your band, what questions would you ask you?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, during any time period, who would you open for and where would you want to open the tour at?
  • If I went on a tour with you, what would the soundtrack of the travel between shows be?
  • Please tell us about your song, Vice Grips.

Segment 2 with Clides & Justin

  • If there was one thing that you could tell a potential fan, what would you tell them?
  • Can you tell us about an embarrassing moment that was had on stage?
  • Where do you search out music on the internet?
  • Where can people get copies of your music?
  • Who would you say has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Can each of you give me 2 local bands that the listeners should check out?
  • Do you have any upcoming shows that you want to mention? Check out their show on 12/13/19 at the Sub Alpine, that benefits People’s Oakland

Where to find Skies of Terra