Spotlight on Cate Fouse –

AKMS: from Jacob Parks: While you are an artist pushing your art, do you feel you are doing enough for others around you in the community?

CF: I think that with being involved with Rock for Life, yes, I feel extremely involved in the community.

AKMS: What is it about a stage that draws you to it?

CF: The energy. Once you get on any stage, you feel the energy of everyone that played there before you. It’s an amazing feeling.

Cate Fouse & Matthew Wilmot - Suffacate

AKMS: Recently, you have taken up bass. What is your favorite thing about that role in Farewell Felicia?

CF: I feel accomplished playing and singing. I could never had pursued that without the patience and guidance of Matt and Digger.

AKMS: If you could narrow it down to one exact moment, what was the most important event in your musical career?

CF: That’s easy. Being asked to be a part of Rock for Life.

AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

CF: Do you have a favorite place to play? Why?

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Farewell Felicia

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Spotlight on Jacob Parks –

AKMS: from Chris Dittman: If you could say a thank you to one local musician that is not a current band mate of yours, for being an influence and helping to mold you into the performer you are today, who would it be?

JP: That is a hard question to answer. I was raised around a bunch of musicians and they all had important things to teach me. But… Bruce McClean from the Amaretta Band out of Fombell, PA gave me a lot of advice not only for music but combining family life with music. Family always comes first but don’t give up on your dream. Be the best “man” you can be. I can never thank him enough for trying to put the balance of music and family into my life.

It pushes me… I wanna make it in order to give my family an easier life. So I give it my all everytime I perform
Question 2

AKMS: How did Terachain Sky get started?

JP: I recorded a CD in hopes to start a band. So when I finished, I asked guys from bands that I played in before to join me and start a band. We were all best of friends. I planned on singing but Nick Stelter asked to try out. One line of singing and that was it. I’m glad that they agreed to jam with me because it’s been a blast from the very start.

Jacob Parks and Terachain Sky

AKMS: Your guitar has a unique look, how and why did it happen?

JP: My guitar… I love it. I used to have my army uniform glued to the front. It still is on the headstock. It started peeling off. So I asked my girlfriend Anna to draw on it for my birthday. I asked her to just feel it and make it awesome. So the center is a lightning bolt. Our first date we watched a thunderstorm. There’s a sheep on it by the volume knobs I don’t know if there’s significance but I don’t care hahaha. To finish I asked her to put her name on it.

I love it. The colors, the free feeling, the one of a kind beat up looking guitar that will always be mine

Kinda like the relationship you build with your partner. It’s never perfect. But it’s always beautiful and unique

AKMS: What does the future hold for Terachain Sky and Jacob Parks?

JP: we dream, hope, and pray to get noticed and be able to make a living doing what we love. We’re starting recording on our third album. After its finished we plan to travel anywhere and everywhere sharing our music and our beliefs with whoever will accept it.

AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

JP: While you are an artist pushing your art, do you feel you are doing enough for others around you in the community?

Where to find Terachain Sky:
Bands in Town
CD Baby

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Prequel PYS000

John LaneThis is the prequel to a new podcast that will be known as Podcast Your Scene. In this episode, you’ll hear John “The American Hilljack” Lane and Brian Shaffer talk about their histories in unsigned music. Every once in a while, you’ll hear Bill Domiano interject a few comments. This was supposed to be an episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, but much like the beginning of that show… this had a mind of its own.

Spotlight on Chris Dittman –

AKMS: Chris, you’ve been in the western PA music scene for a while now, what do you feel are the pros and cons of the scene?

CD: Well, I’ve been in the scene for 23 years now and I’ve seen it go through several changes. I’d have to say the biggest pro of the scene we have right now, is the brotherhood that is being formed with all of these bands.
Bands booking shows and sharing nights together, splitting costs and profits of multiple band shows. Also the charity and benefit scene that is going on. These musicians are more than generous with their time and talents than ever before. They jump at the chance to play a free show for a cause they believe in!!! Who would have ever thought 20 years ago that bands would be lining up and waiting for a chance to play….for free!!

I’d have to say the only con that I see recently is actually one that’s been around a while and I’m not sure I see it changing, its the rotation rut that some clubs get stuck in. There are so many great bands in this town that won’t get a chance to play in some clubs in the area because they only book the exact same bands in a rotation every month or 2. I can understand that sometimes the ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy is just downright safe business, but there could be the next big thing waiting at your door… just never know.

AKMS: What do you feel was the best moment you spent on stage, and why?

CD: I’ve had some great moments that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed but I’d have to say my favorite moment on stage was at Rock for Life’s Gigaroo when my daughter Zoe got to watch us live for the first time and I got to hold her on stage while I sang. She looked at me that day like there was no cooler dad in the world!!! She won’t always look at me that way but I’ll now always know what that look, looked like!!

AKMS: What does the future hold for your current projects? Do you have any upcoming shows? Recording Sessions? etc.

CD: The future for Flashback is looking great!!! We’ve recently had some great shows and have gotten some great exposure and we plan to continue to grow in 2017!! Playing at a Pittsburgh Pirates Block Party at PNC Park was definitely a huge moment for us!! Flashbacks last show of the year is a Peter B’s on November 19th if you dig 80’s music come on out and Party with us!!
Rokbot will be doing our last show of the year on November 12th…also at Peter B’s!! The plan for Rokbot in 2017 is to possibly do some recording. We get great reactions to our original music but have never put out any kind of disc….it may be time to put down some tracks and get something people can take home with them.

AKMS: Please tell us about Zoe’s New Beginnings.

CD: Zoe’s New Beginnings is a Non-profit my wife and I run. We deliver gift bags full of essential items that parents receive as they leave the NICU. We work with every hospital in Pittsburgh that has a NICU. We make monthly deliveries and the hospital distributes the gift bags as the babies are discharged. It’s our version of a graduation, from the NICU, present.
Our next fundraiser is at Jergels on Sunday afternoon December 4th. It’s a Christmas show for kids. I put together an all-star band and we play Christmas songs  and get the kids dancing and singing and just enjoying the music and spirit of the holidays… oh yeah and there’s always a visit from the Big Guy himself for pictures with the kids. For more info check out our Zoe’s New Beginnings Concert Series page on Facebook.

AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

CD: 1 question….I think I’d like to ask this…. If you could say a thank you to one local musician that is not a current band mate of yours, for being an influence and helping to mold you into the performer you are today, who would it be?

In the interest of fair play and answering my own question…I would have to say thank you the one and only Mike Palone!!



Where to find Chris Dittman:

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Beardly Customs – Local Spotlight –

Interview of Rick Link from Beardly Customs

Rick Link of Beardly Customs

Rick Link of Beardly Customs

1. How did originally get involved in the local music scene? I answered an ad in the Rock N Roll Reported back in 2000 for a band looking for a bassist. That band was Chronic Groove, which eventually evolved into Camp Element.

2. What was the best concert you have ever been to that involved big name bands? Primus when they toured for the Green Naugahyde album. It was just them, no openers.

3. What was the best local concert you have been to? Halloween 2013 at Mr Smalls. The Ruckus Brothers played Michael Jackson’s Thriller in full. Amazing show.

4. What past local band that is no longer together would you like to see get back together? Brave the Fire. Some of the best dudes ever to exist and they were such an awesome band. Vulture is a close second.

5. What do you see as the singularly most important thing about our local scene? I would say the networking. With facebook, twitter, etc it makes hooking up with bands and venues so much easier than back in the day.

6. What was the first local cd that you ever obtained? What is the most recent cd that you have purchased? Are there any cds in particular that you recommend for fans of the scene? Oh man….. I have no idea what my first one was. I would recommend anything from Old Lords, Solarburn, Victims of Contagion, Vulture, etc.

7. What is your favorite venue to attend or play a show at? At the moment, Altar Bar. Great venue, great stage, great PA system.

8. What is Beardly Customs? Beardly Customs is my custom bass, guitar, and now butcher block company. I build one of a kind, handmade instruments based on my client’s wants.

9. How did Beardly Customs get started? I always modified my instruments because i wanted specifics. So i decided to try and build exactly what i wanted. It was a success and i have been doing it for 4 years now.

10. What is your process for creating a new guitar or bass? I need specifics from a client. Once we nail down the details, i proceed to order all the supplies and parts. Once those arrive i get to the building process.

11. How does one go about ordering from you? You can contact me at, message me on facebook, or message me on instagram.

12. Is there anything specific that you’d like to tell us about your band Camp Element? We are putting the finishing touches on our first full length cd. Our CD release show will be December 27 at Altar Bar.

Phone: 724.263.5081
instagram: @beardlycustoms