Please allow me to introduce myself…..

Please allow me to introduce myself……

I’m the owner of First Angel Media and while I’m sure you want to know more about that, I’d rather tell you about something far more important – The Pittsburgh Music Scene. If you’ve heard my interview then you know I’ve been in music scene’s since I was 14. I’d always been under the impression that Pittsburgh was THE place for music. If you played in Pittsburgh, well that was just an honor. I saw some of it first hand at concerts and I always pictured it being the center for a love of music. Recently I came out of hiding, so to speak, and back to my music addiction. I began going to see live music again….and it didn’t let me down. I sat in the back of the bar, out of the way, letting the music flow over me. The electric sounds finding that place deep inside and bringing me back to life. The bass making my heart keep time, the beat of the drums making me move slightly in time. The guitars can bring out bliss and live vocals, well, there is nothing like live vocals. A single person standing on stage using words to seduce, to kill, no digital mix – the true talent searching your soul. And then there are those moments. Those moments when the music hits a sweet spot and you can literally FEEL these musicians feeding their very being into it. I was once again in love, enraptured, my addiction stronger than ever. Music has never let me down – but the crowds did. Over and over I paid my small fee to enter a venue and watch an amazing on stage performance to a “crowd” of five to fifteen people. For those of you not familiar with what I mean, I’ll gloss over it a bit. That means that a sound person was hired, Lights were run automatically or a light tech ran them, and approximately four people cleared their entire night, practiced for weeks and gave their very soul into playing….for five people.

I couldn’t believe it. When I left the scene you could count on a crowded house for pretty much any venue, any band. So, being me, I searched for the cause. Oh man did I find them. Yes, them. So much more than one cause. First and foremost – people believed the scene to be “dead” but I’m here to tell you, the further down the rabbit hole you go, the more you see it was just asleep for a little while…and it’s had it’s coffee mixed with Red Bull to wake it up! Bands always come and go, that’s the nature of the beast, you don’t give up on music just because one band you liked stopped playing. Music is LIFE. It is needed, it is necessary and it is here for eternity. When this world is no more, eaten by a black hole, burnt to ashes by the sun’s explosion, or a vast barren landscape due to our own destruction of ourselves….the very stars themselves will make a noise in space, that noise will travel through galaxies, and the gods will sit up and listen to even that sweet sound. This scene is not dead, it’s the person on the other side of the bar that you notice and wonder about. That mysterious stranger you want to explore. So come find it. The ego’s are dying, there is so much love and support between musicians that there is an actual movement to bring back what belongs not just to the music community but to everyone else as well. Some venue owners are finding new ways to help bring in crowds because they remember the high sales on live music nights and want to see that prosperity again. Musicians who were ready to give up have seen this, and with new flames in their hearts are once again getting out there to show their talent. Oh the things I will tell you in our time together on this site…this scene is alive, vibrant, driven and sexy.

It’s time. The movement has started and it will not be stopped. I stand before you as the voice of one person in this scene, but behind me are thousands of others. They are the musicians who move you, the promoters who help you feed your addiction, the event planners who put on the shows you will talk about for weeks, the radio hosts and DJ’s who introduce you to the local music you might miss otherwise…and there are even more. Join us in this change, this new world we are creating. We are not content to wait for the gods to listen to the stars… We will force them to sit up and listen to us now, and revel in what is created here.

Lady Jaye


The Challenge… Unite the Scenes and Share the Family!

.It’s time for me to channel my inner Hilljack and rant for a few moments! There is a movement happening on the internet right now to unite the music scenes throughout the tri-state area. I think that the AK Valley and surrounding areas have done a great job creating an amazing scene, no make that family of bands that work together for a common goal. I am so happy that the scene has allowed me to interact with them as a blogger and podcaster for over 20 years! You are not in this alone. There are many resources out there willing to help, and many of them are free to help promote the scene. What I’m trying to get at it, is USE them!

Social Media

Social media can be both a detriment and a godsend when it comes to bands. You should be posting about your band and their upcoming shows, news, cds and so on, BUT, do not rely solely on Social Media. It can help, but it isn’t the only answer. When posting on social media, I suggest tagging the other bands playing the show with you and using hashtags so that people can search the show easily. You need to have a website or some sort of online presense, you need to be posting flyers (PS Venues I’m talking to you here, too!), you need to be sharing shows and resources with other bands and people in the scenes. Together we can take our scenes to higher places.

Our Part in This

When I started AK Music Scene and the Pennsylvania Rock Show back in 2004 my goal was to help build the scene, I have some growing to do still too, BUT the scene has grown and it has began to prosper, and it will get noticed! But why not work together and speed up the process? Why not start linking some local scenes and trade some shows, you’ll make John Lane happy by doing that. John is a staunch support of the AK Valley and Pittsburgh Scenes while he’s out hitting the road in the Akron scene! Lady Jay can help us pull in the West Virginia scene, too.

Would you like to have your music played on the Pennsylvania Rock Show. We’re always looking for guests, just drop us an e-mail. Do you have an upcoming CD Release, epic event, shows, want a cd, show, or song review,  have a tip or trick to share with our scene, want to do a guest article, or just some information that you’d like to get out to the masses? We have AK Music Scene at your disposal to disperse information about our scene. If you have something you want to discuss about the local music scene, that’s where our new website/podcast, Podcast your Scene, comes in. We are also using Podcast your Scene as a home for podcasts that feature local music.

AK Music Scene and the Pennsylvania Rock Show had over 1 million hits last year alone. I’m offering that to you, for free!


As far as my call for interaction goes, we’ve been doing a lot of that around here lately. John Lane, of The Hellfire Club, has started to kick his podcast, The American Hilljack Files into gear. We’ve helped him get it setup and into some directories. Bill has even guest hosted it with him. His podcast is a very to the point look at the OH and PA music scenes.

We have also been involved in the evolution of another podcast called, The Weekly RockBlog. It is hosted by Brian Shaffer of The Free Peanuts Band.  The Weekly RockBlog is devoted to new up and coming music from across the state and beyond. It will review new music of all genres, talk about current musical trends, offer insight into local scenes across the country and provide some tips and tricks on promotion.

First Angel Media

In the Pennsylvania Rock Show’s last episode we interviewed Jana Lee Macheca of First Angel Media. First Angel Media was founded to help promote the Pittsburgh music scene. It has evolved to photography, promotion of shows, written articles, and CD as well as show reviews. Working behind the scenes to help bands find venues as well as helping to promote a supportive and positive environment for all musicians. There is also an element for national and international bands, reviews and articles have reached across the USA and into other countries. Contact First Angel Media if you can use these services, fees stay low – it’s about the music. Jana is a staff writer at The Heavy Metal ICU and Adrenaline 101 Radio. In the coming weeks you will see her start to provide music articles here on AK Music Scene under her writing name, Lady Jaye, as well.

Let us know in the comments, how we can help you! Or let us know how you feel about this article, or even some of your own ideas to help the unification hit the ground running!

– Bill

Best Rock Podcasts –

We’re excited to announce that the Pennsylvania Rock Show has been listed as a “Best Rock Podcast” for December 2016 on! Also on this list is the Eddie Trunk Podcast! You can view the others that made the list at:

Spotlight on Chris Dittman –

AKMS: Chris, you’ve been in the western PA music scene for a while now, what do you feel are the pros and cons of the scene?

CD: Well, I’ve been in the scene for 23 years now and I’ve seen it go through several changes. I’d have to say the biggest pro of the scene we have right now, is the brotherhood that is being formed with all of these bands.
Bands booking shows and sharing nights together, splitting costs and profits of multiple band shows. Also the charity and benefit scene that is going on. These musicians are more than generous with their time and talents than ever before. They jump at the chance to play a free show for a cause they believe in!!! Who would have ever thought 20 years ago that bands would be lining up and waiting for a chance to play….for free!!

I’d have to say the only con that I see recently is actually one that’s been around a while and I’m not sure I see it changing, its the rotation rut that some clubs get stuck in. There are so many great bands in this town that won’t get a chance to play in some clubs in the area because they only book the exact same bands in a rotation every month or 2. I can understand that sometimes the ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy is just downright safe business, but there could be the next big thing waiting at your door… just never know.

AKMS: What do you feel was the best moment you spent on stage, and why?

CD: I’ve had some great moments that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed but I’d have to say my favorite moment on stage was at Rock for Life’s Gigaroo when my daughter Zoe got to watch us live for the first time and I got to hold her on stage while I sang. She looked at me that day like there was no cooler dad in the world!!! She won’t always look at me that way but I’ll now always know what that look, looked like!!

AKMS: What does the future hold for your current projects? Do you have any upcoming shows? Recording Sessions? etc.

CD: The future for Flashback is looking great!!! We’ve recently had some great shows and have gotten some great exposure and we plan to continue to grow in 2017!! Playing at a Pittsburgh Pirates Block Party at PNC Park was definitely a huge moment for us!! Flashbacks last show of the year is a Peter B’s on November 19th if you dig 80’s music come on out and Party with us!!
Rokbot will be doing our last show of the year on November 12th…also at Peter B’s!! The plan for Rokbot in 2017 is to possibly do some recording. We get great reactions to our original music but have never put out any kind of disc….it may be time to put down some tracks and get something people can take home with them.

AKMS: Please tell us about Zoe’s New Beginnings.

CD: Zoe’s New Beginnings is a Non-profit my wife and I run. We deliver gift bags full of essential items that parents receive as they leave the NICU. We work with every hospital in Pittsburgh that has a NICU. We make monthly deliveries and the hospital distributes the gift bags as the babies are discharged. It’s our version of a graduation, from the NICU, present.
Our next fundraiser is at Jergels on Sunday afternoon December 4th. It’s a Christmas show for kids. I put together an all-star band and we play Christmas songs  and get the kids dancing and singing and just enjoying the music and spirit of the holidays… oh yeah and there’s always a visit from the Big Guy himself for pictures with the kids. For more info check out our Zoe’s New Beginnings Concert Series page on Facebook.

AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

CD: 1 question….I think I’d like to ask this…. If you could say a thank you to one local musician that is not a current band mate of yours, for being an influence and helping to mold you into the performer you are today, who would it be?

In the interest of fair play and answering my own question…I would have to say thank you the one and only Mike Palone!!



Where to find Chris Dittman:

Listen to the Pennsylvania Rock Show Episode on Rock Benefits including Zoe’s New Beginnings

Weekly RockBlog Episode 1 – Homicide Black –

Weekly RockBlog Show Notes
Episode #1 – 10/5/2016

In conjunction with the Pennsylvania Rock Show and AK Music Scene.
The Weekly RockBlog is devoted to new up and coming music from across the state and beyond.

In this segment, we will review new music of all genres, talk about current musical trends, offer insight into local scenes across the country and provide some tips and tricks on promotion.

So sit back, grab a drink, turn up the volume and let’s take a journey into some new music!

Hey there…welcome to the inaugural episode (Episode #1) of the Weekly RockBlog!
Before we start, I want to give a quick shout-out to Mr. Bill Domiano of the Pennsylvania Rock Show and AK Music Scene for giving us the chance to broadcast this segment and to thank him for his years of unending support for local music scenes across the state. Make sure to check out his website and

So…let’s get started!

On this episode, we are going to take a listen to a track from the new upcoming release by the band Homicide Black:

Don’t let the name scare you, it’s a bit ominous sounding…but I’ve had a chance to take a “sneak peak” listen of their new release and I’m telling you, they deliver a hard hitting punch, right in the face, but their music is very approachable.

Let me give you a little background on Homicide Black:
Homicide Black is a metal band based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and signed to the Indie label Rattle Clack Entertainment. They cite their influences as Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, W.A.S.P., Deep Purple, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, and Uriah Heap

Homicide Black conjures images of darkness, despair and salvation telling epic tales while delivering a straightforward onslaught of crushing metal.

The band’s current lineup consists of:
Jim “Jazz” Byers on drums
Sean Nestor on vocals
Mike “Lobo” Loborec on Bass

They claim to be the perfect remedy for a weary, ailing metal world…so without further ado,..let’s check out a track from their new album entitled “Homicide Black II “….This is “Where My Demons Lie” by Homicide Black!

So….what did you think?
Personally, I really liked this track and I am going to have to go see these guys live! You can hear the raw power in their music and it hits hard and heavy, but it’s also very melodic at the same time. The lead vocals remind me of a cross between Shawn Albro (formerly of the band UPO) a bit of Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, a hint of Rob Halford of Judas Priest and definitely some Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.

Their sound definitely takes me back to late 80’s, early 90’s metal and hard rock. The tracks on this new release show very strong musicianship: heavy hitting riffs, melodic guitar solos, strong lead vocals and harmonies. Trust me…i’m a singer and i know a good rock voice when i hear it and Sean definitely has some pipes. Any hard rock/metal band can play loud and give you hard hitting riffs, but most of the time their vocals lack real talent and depth and really drag down the overall sound of the band… but not Homicide Black..Sean really brings it! The backline of this band (bass and drums) is very powerful and in sync with each other and provide a good solid base to the overall structure of their music. To me, it feels like they have a good sense of what they want their sound to be and they own it!

What i really dig about these guys is their balls to the wall, straight up hard rock/metal sound…there’s no filler crap in their songs. If I were to compare their overall sound,..i’d say a bit like Black Label Society, a little Alice in Chains, a bit of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but they definitely have their own sound!

The production quality of this release is superb, kudos to their recording engineers!
Overall I give Homicide Black’s new release a big thumbs up!

They have an upcoming CD Release Party on October 28, 2016 @ Peter B’s in Sarver, PA.

Upcoming Shows:
October 28 – Peter B’s, Sarver, PA
October 29 – Sweetwater Bar and Grill, Duluth, GA
November 12 – Goodfellas, McMechan, WV
December 3 – Baltimore House, Pittsburgh, PA

Check them out online @:
Follow them on Facebook,
Follow them on twitter @homicideblack
And check them out on Reverbnation @

To book Homicide Black, send an email to:
Go out and see these guys live, buy their cd and support LOCAL MUSIC.

That’s a wrap for the first Inaugural episode of the Weekly RockBlog

Thanks for hanging out…see you next week for another episode in which we will delve a bit into our Local Western Pennsylvania Music Scene, provide some tips and tricks to self promotion and listen to some new kickass music.

Check out my website at:

Take care, be good to each other and get out and support local, live music!

Music used in Weekly RockBlog provided under license by Blubrry Podsafe Music and Jamendo Music, “The Independent Music Community”, visit to discover new indie artists.

12 Years of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, What’s that all about?!? –

newparslogoSeptember 14, 2016 So what is the Pennsylvania Rock Show about and why has it lasted so long? Well, it started out about the local music scene in a little valley in Western Pennsylvania known as the Alle Kiski Valley. There are so many great bands in this small area that need to be heard. The show has been able to remain active for over 12 years due to the amazing talent in Western Pennsylvania. I salute and thank the reasons that both the AK Music Scene and the Pennsylvania Rock show were able to remain sustainable: all the bands and their fans, all the benefit organizers, all the local music promoters, and every single person that has ever shown me, or my hobby a little bit of support (or huge support, you know who you are!)

The Story

anniversaryshows-252x300In 1995, Bill was taking an intro to computing class at Slippery Rock University. In that class, he was given an assignment to create a bio webpage using a template. He didn’t like how the website looked when he was finished and decided to learn how to design his own website. Shortly after that, he came across the unfinished website for the Band Hybrid. Hybrid included members of current day After the Fall and Slant 6. Bill became the webmaster for their website and started designing websites for a lot of the best bands in the area. During this time, he started to accrue local music. He dealt with bands like Doppler Affect, (kaj), sundog, and more!Tim Henry, former Hybrid guitarist and Bill started a group called TH Entertainment that worked with websites and musicians and helped to deeper tie Bill to the local music scene. Eventually Bill created a section of the Th Entertainment website, called TH Music Scene. This was the precursor to today’s AK Music Scene. During the TH Entertainment days, Tim and Bill designed a website for a local artist named Liz Hazelett. Liz’s nephew Tony Marinacci, owns and runs TM Entertainment. Tony was in need of some website help. Eventually, Bill brought up the local bands that he worked with, since Tony ran an Entertainment Company.This is where Utah Burgess (Shady Lady Studio & Grass Roots on the Rock Station 97.7) comes into the story. Bill met Utah through the Rock for Life concerts, (Matt and Steve from Hybrid). Utah is a staunch support of AK Music Scene and The Pennsylvania Rock Show. Utah paid for the original AK Music Scene domain on January 29, 2004.The next 2 people in the story found the AK Music Scene website and ran 2 unsigned music scene websites in Texarkana, TX. Chris and Holly Hawthorne, were a huge step in the evolution of AKMS and PARS. Chris ran An online radio station that played nothing but local bands. Chris had some issues with his streaming computer and didn’t want to shut his station down. Bill offered to help and Chris explained how the streaming worked. Bill then called Brian Shaffer front man of the band (kaj) (currently the Travelers)and asked him if he had a mic that he could use. Brian showed up and he and Bill DJed on for the first time on September 14, 2004. This is when the Pennsylvania Rock Show was born. Tony Marinacci was instrumental in teaching Bill how to run a mixer which enabled the show to continue to progress into what is today!

Read more at:

Episode 348 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show Charts! –

For the first time ever in our time with, the Pennsylvania Rock Show has 2 podcasts that have charted in the top 50 of the metal charts at the same time! Episode 348 is currently charted at #43 and Episode 347 remains in the top 50 coming in at #47!

Day 2 Interviews: Episode 348

On Rock for Life 17 Day 2 I spoke with Paul Guerrini (Who Called the Cops & Bled Zeppelin), Bill Postle (Doppler Affect), Garry Simmons (Amber-Alexis & KGB), Mark (DBL Blind) and Amanda Hensel, Mike Piroch (Creep, Staley’s Comet, & Mona Lisa Smile), & Mike Ekis (skell & ZuZu Petals) about the Rock for Life experience and why they are involved in it.

Day 1 Interviews: Episode 347

I caught up with Vegas (Ride for Life), David Hipchen (Tilted Shadows), Jen Heymers (A Common Crown), the Jagemans, Greg Shotts (Tilted Shadows & Post traumatik), Sean Nestor (Homicide Black), Jason “Mailman” Slee, Matthew Wilmot (Farewell Felicia & Suffacate), & Cate Fouse (Farewell Felicia & Suffacate) on site of Rock for Life 17 Friday August 5th. Hear their on the spot interviews about Rock for Life and what it is all about.

Rock Charities Spotlight –

In recent weeks/months/days we’ve been putting an emphasis on local rock charity concerts at the Pennsylvania Rock Show If you’re interested in finding out a bit about how gracious the local rock community scene is in Western Pennsylvania, please take a few moments to listen to the following podcasts.

A Common Crown Releases New Video –

A Common Crown: Seventeen Lies

Vocals. J. Heymers
Drums. M. Ferrante
Bass. S. Craven
Guitar. Z. Shepard
Guitar. D. Mammano