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Hosted ByThe Rock Station’s Bob Cupp and Utah Burgess of Shady Lady Productions

The most local hour of music you’ll find on the airwaves. Join The Rock Station’s Bob Cupp and Utah Burgess of Shady Lady Productions as they bring you all the latest and greatest in home-grown music. Each week they chat with local artists, share their latest songs, and discuss the local music scene. Tune in Sunday evenings at 7pm.

Here are the latest podcasts.

2020 Grassy Award Nominations

It's here... the long awaited Grassy Nomination show airs tonight at 7pm. Voting will commence July 1st and run through the month of July. After weeks of compiling lists and days of virtual arm-wrestling, we have our 12 nominees to present to you tonight. We think you'll find it to be a very diverse list. Eligibility is simple... 1) You must still be an active artist 2) The nominated song must be in regular rotation, and 3) You didn't win the year before. The nominees are not just Bob and Utah's choice either, the on-air radio personalities at the station play a key role in selecting who should make the cut as well, based on listener requests, feedback, and their own experience in the world of radio. Our great friend Linda creates a very unique award every year to present, which we will most likely do during our cancelled The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival weekend, August 22.

The Redlines

Join us at 7pm tonight for another epic episode of the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show. Tonight we'll check in with The Redlines and hear what they have been up to. We know for certain they have been very busy over the last few months and they'll fill you in on what to expect. We'll also feature music from The Lone Pines, TeraChain Sky, The Forty Nineteens, and Larry Antinozzi.

Terry Diane McCabe

Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 we visit with Terry Diane McCabe from across the border... border of Ohio that is. Get the scoop on their brand of music as well as their Raven Faith Records. We'll also feature music from The Bail Jumpers, Tim Vitullo Band, Rippin' Cigs, and Montana Bob Sweitzer.

Ashley Puckett

Tonight we talk with Ashley Puckett.

Cathy Stewart

Join us tonight as we talk with Cathy Stewart and David Granati about Cathy's new music project. We'll feature some of the songs coming up from it as well as catch up with her, as she has been a past guest on our show. We'll also feature music from Black Flower Season, Justin Wade Band, Matt Westin, and Code Orange

Michael Christopher

Tonight we catch up with Michael Christopher and hear some of his new music. 

Brady Novotny

Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we feature guest and guitar virtuoso Brady Novotny Music. We'll also feature music from Curtis and the SHAKERZ, Trevolta, Ashley Mullens, and After The Fall.

Samantha Sears

Tonight at 7pm we welcome back to the show Samantha Sears Music. Samantha has been a frequent guest on the show going back several years and is a prominent Central and Western PA musician. We'll also feature some of her music as well as music from Alayna, Marty Zundel Music, Juvenile Characteristics, and Black Ridge.

Maleena Dominick

Tonight we talk with Maleena Dominick, solo artist and member of Chip & The Charge Ups. Get some youth perspective on the music scene and hear about her new single dedicated to 2020 Seniors around the world.

Greg Marra

Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show Bob will be catching up with Butler area native Greg Marra. Greg is kind enough to let us debut a brand new single that he did with Butler area drummer Chris Compton called "Colliding Consciousness". Greg also hosts his own podcast that you can find here: Iconoclast Music Podcast.