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  • Black Ridge PARS464
    Paul Guerrini of the 7 piece rock, funk, soul, blues act... Black Ridge out of Blairsville, PA made another appearance on the show. He has been a guest as the singer from various acts throughout the year of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. This is episode 364! The post Black Ridge… Read more »
  • SunDown PARS463
    Colt and Jayson of the Connellsville band, SunDown make their debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for episode 463. The post SunDown PARS463 appeared first on the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Read more »

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After the Fall – The Fight 3QS009

Deyv Dee

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    I have always done my best work from behind the lens, not from a keyboard. My thoughts jumble, I feel lost, weaving through the chaos of my mind. That’s how I felt as I was being led by my husband through the endlessly crowded weekend evening blocks of E. Carson St. last Saturday night, on my way to cover a show at the Smiling Moose. When we finally broke through the crowd upon arriving and made our way up those… Read more »
  • Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – Demo Demon ‘Vendetta’ - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Find your MUSE(ic) is back! After taking some time to run contests and announce some really cool things happening for us, we’re starting the weekly video feature to bring you new artists! Starting back, we’re bringing you something a little different – Demo Demon’s Vendetta. Some experimental rap that’s been getting mixed into metal shows around our area. Off the beaten path, in the realms of the underground, and that’s why we like it! The lead single “Vendetta” off the… Read more »
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    Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Here is a man that is famous for his 19th century philosophical musings on nihilism, yet many don’t know that he suffered great pain and mental illness throughout his life, severe migraines from childhood, psychiatric disturbances, and depression. Fewer still know that one of the ways he coped with these obstacles was music. He started composing classical… Read more »
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  • Hessians Worship With Metal Church At Crafthouse Stage and Grill (5/13/2019) - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Heads old and young were bobbing blissfully on a wet, unseasonably chilly Monday evening in Baldwin, a quiet Pittsburgh suburb, to the tunes of progressive, power, and thrash, Metal Church leading the brigade with their fusion of all. Ellwood City’s spray paint vandals Whitethrash cast the first rock with a sardonic and fun set of Nuclear Assault/S.O.D. cherrybomb worship that sufficiently stoked appetites. Locals Storm Dragon were hampered a bit by a bad mix, but their musicianship and star-powered vocalist… Read more »
  • One Man Army When One Remains | Music Review
    Now Streaming on Spotify! The post One Man Army When One Remains | Music Review appeared first on Filthy Music Entertainment. Read more »
  • Slaytime With Iron Reagan & Sacred Reich: Pittsburgh 5/10/2019 - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Cattivo, an almost unnoticeable bar in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood was the site of a punk/metal uprising the other evening. Call it “crossover” or thrash or plain old punk, this Friday night gig was one of the most unhinged I’ve ever attended. Iron Reagan, a side project formed by alumni of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour, came barreling out of Richmond, Virginia’s hotbed of a metal scene in 2012, and since then have been burning it up anarchically on the club… Read more »
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