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  • Royal Honey PARS472
    Bill goes to West Homestead and hangs out with Royal Honey at their practice space. Episode 472 is a trip back to our roots. The post Royal Honey PARS472 appeared first on the Pennsylvania Rock Show - Podcast & Radio Show. Read more »
  • The Crucible Project, Suffacate, & Shattered PARS471
    Jason Kozura of Silence Follows and The Crucible Project joins us to talk to us about TCP as the main guest of Episode 471. We also talk to Cate of Suffacate & Chris and Erik of Shattered during a rain delay at last weekend's Gigaroo. The post The Crucible Project,… Read more »

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Echoheart – Void 3QS013

Derek Davis 3QS012

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  • Bastion’s Wake – Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Let’s face it, we live in a day and age where musically……..originality is hard to come by. That’s not saying bands don’t try to break the mold, but we live in a time where almost everything has been done and every genre has been mixed and matched to form a new sub genre. Every now and then you find a band that releases an album that creatively sticks out a little more than some and goes the extra mile. Today… Read more »
  • Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World: Summer Gods Tour 2019 - FirstAngelMedia.com
    It was a true nostalgic 90’s throwback when Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind took the stage with special guests Ra Ra Riot this past weekend! Their SOLD OUT Summer Gods Tour stop in Pittsburgh at Stage AE Outdoors proved that they can still bring the heat (literally), and pack the house!     Ra Ra Riot         Jimmy Eat World         Third Eye Blind           The post Third… Read more »
  • Horrendous Headlines Steel & Bone: Vol. 1 (7/20/2019) - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Nascent promoter Steel & Bone Productions has big things planned for the Pittsburgh underground metal scene. To kick off their crusade, we were given a seven-act Saturday night showcase at Cattivo that featured a number of bands that played last year’s Migration 2 Festival, allowing fans to sample what they may have missed out on or relive it if they attended it. Note: Migration returns in 2020. Abysme, a local act whom I recently caught at Howler’s with Ulthar, began… Read more »
  • Pittsburgh Hard and Heavy 2019 - FirstAngelMedia.com
    This year’s Pittsburgh Hard and Heavy at SUB Alpine was pure, joyous, hard hitting insanity. Featuring local bands Oceans to Ash, Shrouded In Neglect, and Conflict Cycle, as well as North Carolina based Outliar. The beast was brought, faces were melted. As always, band and venue links are in the comments!   Photography by: Amanda Baker     Oceans to Ash           Shrouded In Neglect         Outliar           Conflict Cycle    … Read more »
  • Find your Muse(ic) Video of the Week: Secret Eyes – Never Gave a Damn - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Post hardcore aficionados “Secret Eyes” have recently dropped the video for their newest single “Never Gave A Damn” and boy is it a scorcher. With sounds echoing the halls of 00’s era post hardcore and emo flavored rock, your inner goth kid will be dancing with joy like it was the Myspace era all over again. With its hard hitting riffs, echoing guitar melodies, and soaring vocal lines, “Never Gave A Damn” hits nostalgia in all the right places. So… Read more »
  • Straight Out of Jersey - FirstAngelMedia.com
    It’s the kind of piano line that should be played in a dark and smoky bar. Simple, emotional, powerful.  The vocals start: soft and sultry. The music keeps its simplicity and emotion as the verse leads the way to the chorus. The guitar is reminiscent of Larry Carlton – every note perfectly tasteful. It’s almost understated, but you couldn’t imagine the song without it. Like a subtle perfume, you’re not really aware of it but you’d miss it if it… Read more »
  • Descendants Of Crom III - FirstAngelMedia.com
    The 3rd annual Descendants of Crom event!: ASG Solace Valkyrie Black Pyramid Argus Irata Backwoods Payback Enhailer Icarus Witch Brimstone Coven Foghound Kingsnake Sun Voyager Witchkiss Leather Lung Frayle Tines Spacelord Pillärs PALE GREY LORE Lightning Born NIGHT VAPOR Riparian Fox 45 Void King Official: COMA Action Camp White Alice Old Dream Motometer Killer of Sheep SUBMACHINE Brown Angel PotslammerSponsors and vendor information coming soon. tickets https://www.facebook.com/events/216035832675553/ The post Descendants Of Crom III appeared first on First Angel Media. Read more »
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