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  • Animus PARS489Animus PARS489
    Natasha Sarver of Animus, joins Bill for Episode 489 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Who is Animus you might ask? They are a newly formed act who just recently played their first show at the Sidebar, but it’s time that you learn about them and jump on the bandwagon! Segment… Read more »
  • Adam Fitz PARS488Adam Fitz PARS488
    Adam Fitz was raised on the music of seminal songwriters that resonated through his blue-collared, childhood home on Chicago’s South Side. The likes of Tom Waits, Van Morrison and John Prine shaped his taste and inspired Fitz to write honest songs and find his soulful and emotional voice. As a… Read more »
3 Questions and a Song
  • Miss Freddye 3QS020Miss Freddye 3QS020
    Miss Freddye take a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 020! If you could pick one album that you loved, and erase it from your memory and hear it again for the very first time, what album would it be? What is it about the Blues that… Read more »
  • SKAR 3QS019SKAR 3QS019
    Three questions for SKÄR – Episode 019 If you could design the perfect venue for SKAR to play in, what would it consist of? Can you tell me about the moment that SKÄR came together? What is the hardest piece of music that you’ve ever written? It can be hard… Read more »

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  • Stone Wicked Souls 3QS021 (15-Nov-2019)
  • Blödhren (01-Dec-2019)
  • Broomfiller (15-Dec-2019)
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    • The Neighbourhood at Stage AE - FirstAngelMedia.comThe Neighbourhood at Stage AE - FirstAngelMedia.com
      Friday night was a trio of great acts at Stage AE in Pittsburgh as California band The Neighbourhood came to town. Opening up the night was the band Claud out of the Chicago area. They are led by lead singer Claud Mintz. They entertained the crowd with a pop sound with heart felt lyrics. They have only been around for a little over a year but are skyrocketing in popularity. Doing a awesome job of performing in the middle was… Read more »
    • Legendry-The Wizard and the Tower Keep - FirstAngelMedia.comLegendry-The Wizard and the Tower Keep - FirstAngelMedia.com
        Epic, Pittsburgh traditional metal power trio Legendry recently let slip their third full-length concept album within a four-year span, The Wizard and the Tower Keep telling a harrowing, musical fantasy tale of virtue challenging evil in a far-off land that time has forgotten. The album begins with an earnest medieval folk tune and never looks back, its Manilla Road aspirations effectively filling a void left by the death of that band’s key member Mark Shelton, and he is done… Read more »
    • Savage Master-Myth, Magic and Steel - FirstAngelMedia.comSavage Master-Myth, Magic and Steel - FirstAngelMedia.com
        Throwback metal dominators Savage Master have been campaigning within the underground metal scene for the past 6 years, their Bitch/Exciter alchemy entertaining audiences at large festivals and intimate club gigs alike with a NWOBHM verve to compliment their leathery, spiked, shock-rock showmanship. A mere stroke of luck is not the reason for Savage Master’s growth in stature as an increasingly sought-after support act for bands such as High Spirits and even GWAR! Rather, Savage Master has the sorcery and… Read more »
    • Find Your MUSE(ic): A Look at the Lyrics – Icons of Industry - FirstAngelMedia.comFind Your MUSE(ic): A Look at the Lyrics – Icons of Industry - FirstAngelMedia.com
      On this weeks “A Look at the Lyrics” we give you an inside view to the meaning behind Icons of Industry – “When the Sky Fell” The song itself is about the end of the world and the glorious return of the King Messiah Jesus at the last day. The details come from the Christian scriptures and are taken as prophecy that will come to pass. The Lord Jesus ascended to heaven after he was crucified and rose from the… Read more »
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