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Upcoming 3 Questions & a Song

  • Noble Hops (04-15-20)
  • Brady Novotny (05-01-20)
  • Jozey & the Corruption (05-15-20)
  • Shock Frenzy (06-01-20)
  • Ray Powers (06-15-20)
  • Psithurism (07-01-20)
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    • Panteon – Death and Darkness - FirstAngelMedia.comPanteon – Death and Darkness - FirstAngelMedia.com
      Panteon hails from Brownsville, Texas and they have the reputation of being the pioneers of extreme metal in Texas, which their latest album Death and Darkness displays that perfectly. Valdo on bass, Hannibal on vocals, and Aaron Panteon on drums combine together as well oiled brutal assault to prove that they mean business. They come out fast, fierce and deadly, and leave just as quickly as they came, leaving only dust and piles of bodies in their wake Some of… Read more »
    • Norwegian Metal band Tales of Dhvaras Releases “Geiranger” - FirstAngelMedia.comNorwegian Metal band Tales of Dhvaras Releases “Geiranger” - FirstAngelMedia.com
      Norwegian Metal act, Tales of Dhvaras had their origins back in the early 90s.   Taking inspiration from the raw, dark beauty of nature, they referred to their genre as “Skogsrock”, which translates to Forest Rock. The band thought the DAT tape originally used to record the album had been forever lost.  That tape, however, was rediscovered in early 2019 and later in the fall, band founder Kyrre Riksen was able to restore the songs from the demo, but was… Read more »
    • Nocion “The Grave” – A Look at the Lyrics - FirstAngelMedia.comNocion “The Grave” – A Look at the Lyrics - FirstAngelMedia.com
      Let’s dive into this sludgy, hard rock song and get to the bottom of what it all means.  Curtain Call Records recording artists Nocion are based in San Juan, Puerto Rico formed in 2001.   “The Grave” talks about the spoils of war, mostly the death of young, innocent children whose voices can’t be heard, mostly b/c of their age (babies). The Grave They made their graves Deaths in vain They killed them all A devils play So alone, poor… Read more »
    • Golden Blood – Cum, Coke and Blasphemy - FirstAngelMedia.comGolden Blood – Cum, Coke and Blasphemy - FirstAngelMedia.com
      Golden Blood Cum, Coke and Blasphemy Witching Hour Productions One-person music project offerings can often fall short of a compelling listen, lacking the push-pull dynamic of a group collaboration, but Erech Leleth’s Golden Blood possesses a sense of musical interaction belying its singular source. The Polish artist’s debut four-song EP, Cum, Coke and Blasphemy, on Witching Hour Productions, dashes sure-footedly into the punk/thrash arena with a vengeance. The title track hits like old-school blackened metal with a gutter, crust attitude of… Read more »
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