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3 Questions and a Song

  • Big Ugly 3QS025

    Big Ugly battles with 3 Questions & a Song on episode 025! Ozzy Osbourne has been doing a lot of collaborating recently, including some artists that you wouldn’t expect. Which non-metal artist would Big Ugly want to collaborate with? If there was an apocalyptic event and most of the human race and a handful of...

  • Matt Westin 3QS024

    Matt Westin takes on 3 Questions & a Song on episode 024! What is it about country music that drew you away from engineering and to the stage? If you could go back in time and follow a musician around for 1 year and not change history, who would you follow and what would you...


    Richard Leko of Broomfiller takes his turn at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 023! If you could erase any album from your memory and listen to it again for the very first time, which album would you want to do that with? Can you tell me about the moment that you knew you...

  • Blödhren 3QS022

    Norman Stethalacopalus LaStrange of Blödhren takes a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 022! What draws you to the stage and why metal? What is one thing that you love about the Roanoke music scene and what is one thing that you hate that you would change? When you go see a...

  • Black and Gold Christmas

    I recently had a chance to sit down and interview Chip and Maleena Dominick from Chip and the Charge Ups, as well as, Brian Gulish the Vice President, Marketing & Communications for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We talked about the new collaboration by Chip and the Charge Ups and local vocalists: Liz Berlin...

  • Stone Wicked Souls 3QS021

    String Harris of Stone Wicked Souls takes a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 021! If you were talking to a potential fan, what would you tell them about your band? If you had the opportunity to record a track with a legendary musician as a guest, who would you bring in...

  • Miss Freddye 3QS020

    Miss Freddye take a shot at 3 Questions & a Song on episode 020! If you could pick one album that you loved, and erase it from your memory and hear it again for the very first time, what album would it be? What is it about the Blues that keeps bringing you to the...

  • SKAR 3QS019

    Three questions for SKÄR – Episode 019 If you could design the perfect venue for SKAR to play in, what would it consist of? Can you tell me about the moment that SKÄR came together? What is the hardest piece of music that you’ve ever written? It can be hard because it was tough emotionally,...

  • 9 Stitch Method 3QS018

    Three questions for Patrick McElravy – Episode 018 Do you think it is more difficult to play to a track and have to create it ahead of time, than it would be to play live? If I was flipping through my Social Studies page and found a page with 9SM on it, what would that...

  • Vincenzo Grieco 3QS017

    Three questions for Vincenzo Grieco – Episode 017 Can you tell me about the moment that you realized you wanted to play the guitar? You can pick 1 album that you’ve already heard to erase the memories of having heard it, and go back to listen to it like it’s the first time again. What...

  • Bastion’s Wake 3QS016

    Three questions for ėVė and Derelith October – Episode 016 If I found a picture of Bastion’s Wake in my social studies book, what would that page be about? If there was one thing that you could tell your potential fans about your band, what would it be How did the steampunk aesthetic come about...

  • Night’s Edge – Edge of the World 3QS015

    Three questions for Brian Haran – Episode 015 If a band from SWPA was doing a mini-tour and would be coming through Baltimore, what advice would you give them? If there is an apocalyptic event and only one Night’s Edge song will survive along with a handful of people, which song do you think should...

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