the Pennsylvania Rock Show

Hosted ByBill Domiano

The Pennsylvania Rock Show is an online radio show/podcast/FM program that features a studio guest and is full of songs from the best unsigned bands Pennsylvania has to offer. It airs on Build the Scene on Fridays at 8pm, Megarock Radio & on KFGD 107.1 FM St. Louis every Sunday at 10:00am, and Tuesdays at 4:00pm on Rudaroo Radio.

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  • Wolf's Customs (04-10-20)
  • Corners of Sanctuary (04-17-20)
  • Neil Donnelly (04-24-20)
  • Dan Stonerook (05-01-20)
  • Unbroken Soul (05-15-20)
  • Meathook (05-22-20)
  • Nox Emesis (05-29-20)
  • The Shadow Event (06-05-20)

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    Keep the Scene Alive PARS509

    Jana, from First Angel Media, joins Bill to talk about ways that musicians can keep the music alive during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some ways that First Angel Media can help you.. A Look at the Lyrics – e-mail Find...

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    Abandon All Hope PARS508

    Skarlett Sky‘s Ash and Greg stop in to talk a little about their new EP, Abandon All Hope, and the world as it is today. We also end up talking about cars and other things. Segment 1 – Abandon...

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    Filthy Music PARS507

    Jesse from Filthy Music Entertainment joins Bill. FME’s services include a wide variety of press and promotional services such as single reviews, album reviews, music promotion and more. The bigger you buy the more you’re guaranteed! We have something...

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    Obselence – 9sm PARS506

    Patrick McElravy of 9 Stitch Method joined Bill for the Pennsylvania Rock Show for Episode 506! They talked about the upcoming single drop, Obselence (TODAY). Segment 1 with 9 Stitch Method and Obselence What can you tell me about...

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    The Rust Project PARS505

    Episode 505 features The Rust Project. The Rust Project is a Pittsburgh-based cover band. We play anything from classic rock to country, from alternative rock to 80’s and 90’s rock, and we keep our playlists fun and upbeat. We...

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    Identity X PARS504

    Identity X sits down with Bill to discuss their band, music, and more in episode 504. An original hard rock band known for soaring theatrical vocals, heavy rock instrumentation, & lyrical prowess Interview Segment 1 with Identity X Where...

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    Black Ridge PARS503

    Members of Black Ridge join us again to talk about their upcoming gigs, upcoming EP, and their KickStarter campaign among other things. Interview Segment 1 with Black Ridge I hear that you’re working on new music and headed into...

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    Stone Cold Killer

    Episode 502 features the return of Stone Cold Killer to the Pennsylvania Rock Show. We discuss all things SCK including the new single, Programmed for Love and Destruction, and the Single release party on February 15, 2020. Interview Segment...

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    Dematus PARS501

    Dematus make their debut on episode 501 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Dematus is a three piece melodic metal band hailing originally from Rolla, Missouri, they now call the stages of Pittsburgh home. It has been said that the...

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    Illusions of Grandeur PARS500

    Maggie and CM of Illusions of Grandeur came on the show to discuss their band and adventures with Bill for Episode 500 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Segment 1 with Maggie and CM Was there any particular venue that...

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    Doug Carnahan PARS499

    Doug Carnahan Joins Bill to chat on episode 499 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. It had been about 9 months since he was on episode 009 of 3 Questions and a Song. He and Bill discussed their song The...

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    Brady Novotny PARS498

    Brady Novotny makes his debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for Episode 498! Bill last talked to him on an early episode of 3 Questions and a Song, about a year ago? Segment 1 with BRADY NOVOTNY What are...

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    570 Press PARS497

    Alonna Weaver (Eyes of the World and 570 Press) sits down with Bill to discuss the 570 scene and her band. Segment 1 with 570 Press Why is your Web ‘Zine called 570 Press? What would you call what...

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    Standard Broadcast PARS496

    Standard Broadcast‘s Nathan Jay joins Bill to have a conversation about the band on episode 496! Segment 1 with Standard Broadcast What is the story behind the name Standard Broadcast? DI Records? How did you join? What do What...

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    Corners of Sanctuary PARS495

    Mick Michaels of Corners of Sanctuary of Philadelphia joins Bill for episode 495. Their song “Hold on to Christmas” is featured on the episode. Segment 1 with Corners of Sanctuary Where did your band name come from? Where was...

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    The Shadow Event

    Episode 494 features Christina from The Shadow Event: Some post punk, new wave, groove trip for ya. We’ll take you for a ride with every different song. Powerful, fun, eerie, sexy and cute, The Shadow Event is fronted by...

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    Skarlett Sky PARS493

    Episode 493 features first time Co-host Suzanne DeCree, who helps Bill through this episode because he wasn’t feeling well. They interview the band Skarlett Sky. This episode features local/unsigned original Christmas Music. Skarlett Sky Interview Segment 1 Where did...

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    Black and Gold Christmas PARS492

    For Episode 492 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show we decided to ask people involved in the scene about what they are thankful for in the scene. You’ll also hear from Chip and Maleena Dimonick and Brian from from the...

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    Mr. Lisp PARS491

    Mr. Lisp, a Punk Rock band from Philadelphia, joins Bill on Episode 491 to discuss the band, their music, and the Philadelphia Music Scene. Segment 1 with Mr. Lisp Where did the name Mr. Lisp come from? If I...

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    Skies of Terra PARS490

    Skies of Terra join Bill on episode 490 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They are a Experimental/Jazz Fusion/Down tempo/Progressive rock/Post-rock band out of Pittsburgh, PA. Segment 1 with Skies of Terra How is your genre list so long? Jazz...

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